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Circuit and Associate Judges

Circuit Judges

The Circuit Judges are elected to six-year terms of office. The Circuit Judges within the circuit elect a Chief Judge from among their members every two years. The Chief Judge has the general authority for all administrative matters arising in the circuit and may delegate duties as he/she deems appropriate. The Circuit Judges in Sangamon County select, and the Chief Judge appoints, a Presiding Judge to handle administrative matters in Sangamon County.

Associate Judges

The law also provides for the appointment in each judicial circuit of a number of Associate Judges based on population and other factors. Associate Judges are appointed by the Circuit Judges to four-year terms. There are currently ten Associate Judges in the 7th Judicial Circuit, eight of whom are seated in Sangamon County.  All judges’ salaries are paid by the State. The Circuit Judges have general jurisdiction over all cases. The Associate Judges have limited jurisdiction, except by special assignment.

Trial Court Administration

The Trial Court Administrator serves all judicial personnel within the circuit, is responsible for the daily administrative operation of courts and serves as a liaison to other state and county agencies.

Sangamon County Courthouse
200 S. 9th Street, Room 522
Springfield, Il 62701

Trial Court Administrator: Suzann Maxheimer - 217-753-6360
Court Administrative Secretary:  Kristina Hedrick -217-753-6360
Court Administrative Assistant: Monica McClelland - 217-753-6811


Court Reporting Services

A court reporter is the person in the courtroom who is responsible for making a full stenographic report of the evidence and all other proceedings presented in the trial court. The primary function of a court reporter is to make a verbatim record of all testimony in a court proceeding and, upon request, produce a written transcript of the proceeding. 

Sangamon County Courthouse
200 S. 9th Street, Room 618
Springfield, Il 62701 

Court Reporting Services Supervisor: Jaymie Bauer - 217-753-6812


Sangamon Circuit and Associate Judges

    • Chief Judge: John W. Belz
      • Contact: Court Reporter Marybeth Evans - 217-753-6653
    • Circuit Judge: Leslie J. Graves
      • Contact: Court Reporter Rhonda O'Neal - 217-753-6823 
    • Circuit Judge: John M. Madonia
      • Contact: Court Reporter Tammy Wagahoff - 217-753-6391
    • Circuit Judge: Ryan M. Cadagin
      • Contact: Court Reporter Laura Berry - 217-753-6813
    • Circuit Judge: Adam Giganti
      • Contact: Jenny Durr (217)753-6367
    • Associate Judge: Rudolph M. Braud
      •  Contact: Lee Ann Harris - 217-753-6366
  • Associate Judge: Matthew J. Maurer
    • Contact: Mary Filbrun-Kuhar - 217-753-6365
  • Associate Judge: Jennifer M. Ascher
    • Contact: Jenny Durr - 217-753-6367
  • Associate Judge: Brian T. Otwell
    • Contact: Lee Ann Harris - 217-753-6366 
  • Associate Judge: Christopher G. Perrin
    • Contact: Mary Filbrun-Kuhar - 217-753-6365
  • Associate Judge: Esteban F. Sanchez
    • Contact:Jenny Durr - 217-753-6367 
  • Associate Judge: Jack D. Davis II
    • Contact:Lee Ann Harris - 217-753-6366 
  • Associate Judge: Karen S. Tharp
    • Contact: Jenny Durr - 217-753-6367

Greene County Circuit Judge
Greene County Courthouse
519 N. Main Street
Carrollton, IL 62016

  • Circuit Judge: James W. Day

Jersey County Circuit Judge
Jersey County Courthouse
201 W. Pearl Street
Jerseyville, IL 62052

  • Circuit Judge: Eric S. Pistorius
    • Contact: Court Reporter Mary Bartlett - 618-498-5571 Ext. 104

Macoupin County Circuit and Associate Judges
Macoupin County Courthouse
201 E. Main Street
Carlinville, IL 62626

  • Circuit Judge: Kenneth R. Deihl
  • Circuit Judge: April G. Troemper
    • Contact: Court Reporter Barb Snodgrass - 217-854-3181 Ext. 263
  • Associate Judge: Joshua Meyer
    • Contact: Court Reporter Tracy Mahan - 217-854-3181 Ext 267

Morgan County Circuit and Associate Judges
Morgan County Courthouse
300 W. State Street
Jacksonville, IL 62650

  • Circuit Judge: Christopher Reif
  • Associate Judge: Jeffery Tobin

Scott County Circuit Judge
Scott County Courthouse
35 E. Market Street
Winchester, IL 62694

  • Circuit Judge: David Cherry




  • Associate Judge: John M. Madonia




  • Associate Judge: John M. Madonia