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Title: Finance Manager

Department: Regional Office of Education

Posted On: 11/29/2017

The Sangamon & Menard County Regional Office of Education is seeking a Finance Manager who will serve under direct supervision of the Regional and Assistant Superintendents of Schools.

Responsibilities: -assure the ROE has an efficient and effective accounting & financial system to assist in providing quality educational services to our constituents, while meeting industry accepted professional standards. -maintain all records, as required by law, within an organized filing system -prepare and distribute all financial records as requested by Regional and Assistant Superintendent, Auditors, Grant Administrators and Program Coordinators. -process all deposits, financial records, payment requests, ledger sheets, invoices, payroll information, contracts and other reimbursements as approved by the ROE. -maintain a system for recording all absences, vacation days, sick days and days worked in accordance with working agreement. -provide ROE personnel with the proper forms for Federal and State withholdings, Teachers' Retirement Contributions, Illinois Municipal Retirement Contributions, Social Security Benefits and Insurance Forms. -report to Regional and Assistant Superintendent, Auditors, Grant Administrators, and Program Coordinators any procedures that need revised and/or eliminated. -prepare all records, documents and reports necessary for ISBE Grants and Auditors. -assist Regional and Assistant Superintendent, Grant Administrators, and Program Coordinators in preparing and implementing budgets. -maintain accurate inventory of all ROE equipment. -purchase office supplies and equipment -other duties as directed by the ROE #51 Regional and Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

Requirements: A bachelor's degree in accounting and/or certified public accountant (or related field. Working knowledge of basic office procedures and operations of efficient office management.

Skills: Knowledge of accounting in establishing and keeping of records. Ability to prepare reports for Regional and Assistant Superintendent, Auditors, Grant Administrators, and Program Coordinators.

Benefits: Salary: Commensurate upon work experience

Applications are due to the Regional Office of Education by 4:00pm on Friday the 8th of December. Please follow link for application. Resumes may be emailed to