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What Happens If I Can’t Pay?


Do I still have time to pay?

Yes, but unpaid taxes will be sold at a delinquent tax sale on November 7, 2014.  Taxes (plus penalty and fees) must be paid in full at the Treasurer’s Office before 5:00 PM on Thursday November 6, 2014..

Why did I receive a delinquent tax bill in the mail?

The Treasurer’s Office is required to notify property owners of delinquent tax amounts. A $10 fee is collected to offset the cost of mailing the notice by certified mail and publishing the delinquency in the newspaper.

Why was my name published in the newspaper for delinquent taxes?

The Treasurer’s Office is required by State law to publish the owner’s name and other information in regards to a tax delinquency.  The publication is intended to alert property owner a tax delinquency exist and to contact the Treasurer’s office.

Are there payment plans?

No, State law does not provide for any type of payment plan.  The Treasurer’s office is required by court order to sell unpaid taxes at the annual tax sale to get the money for your taxes from a tax buyer.  The tax buyer bids on the right to pay on your  behalf.  You will owe interest, tax sale fees, and tax to the tax buyer.   

What if I can’t pay my taxes by day before the tax sale date?

After the tax sale date, the amount owed plus tax sale fees of $105 and penalty of up to 18% compounded every 6 months may be paid to the County Clerk’s office for approximately thirty months.  Failure to pay (or “redeem”) the taxes within that period can result in loss of your property.  Payments after the tax sale must be made to the County Clerk by certified funds or cash.

Why did I receive a “Take Notice” from a tax buyer?

The Tax Buyers who paid your taxes to the County received a tax sale certificate from the County and is required to give you notice of the purchase.   The tax sale certificate gives the tax buyers the right to charge you a penalty rate on the amounts they paid, and to pay any subsequent years taxes on your behalf when those taxes become delinquent.  Included on the “Take Notice” is an expiration date of the period that you have to pay or redeem the amounts paid by the tax buyer on your behalf.  Failure to redeem through the County Clerks office may result in the Tax buyer receiving a tax deed for your property.  Upon receiving a tax deed, the tax buyer gets the property free of any mortgage and can evicted any occupant of the property.

What other options are there if I can’t pay my taxes by the expiration date of the redemption period?

Contact the financial institution that has the mortgage on the property.  Often mortgage holders will redeem or pay the taxes on your behalf and add it to your loan balance to maintain their first mortgage status.  If no mortgage is on the property, other financing options such as a reverse mortgage could be evaluated.   Ask your financial institution for information.

Other options:

Homeownership Prevention Foundation

(888) 995-4673


Acorn Home Equity Loss Prevention (HELP)

(888) 409-3557


Federal Housing Administration Refinancing Options

(800) 225-5342


Illinois Department of Human Services

(800) 843-6154



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