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Treasurer - Public Auction of Surplus Property


The Sangamon County Treasurer’s office, and the Sangamon County Board in conjunction with the County’s Delinquent Tax Agent conduct an annual Auction of Real Property and Mobile Homes. These items are the by-product of the County’s Tax Collection Program. This Tax Collection Program consists of the County Tax Agent purchasing unsold tax certificates at the annual tax sale. The tax agent then holds the certificates for the thirty month redemption period. The County Tax Agent petitions the Circuit Court for a tax deed on the unredeemed tax certificates. Upon receiving the tax deed for a parcel, the County Tax Agent then holds the deed until it can be offered for public sale at the Auction of Surplus Real Property.

The parcels are sold to the highest bidder with the County giving a quit claim deed to the winning bidder. The purpose of the sale is to return the property to someone with an interest in owning the property and paying the taxes. The proceeds from the sale are distributed to the taxing districts.

The sale for 2015 will be held at the Prairie Capital Convention Center, 9th and W.Adams St. Springfield, IL 62701  at 7:00 pm on a date to be determined.  Catalogs of properties being offered for sale will be available approximately one month before the sale date. Catalogs cost $10 and may be purchased from the Sangamon County Treasurer’s Office or online from the County Tax agent at A copy of the Auction Catalog will be available for public inspection in the lobby of the Treasurer's Office from 8:30am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday at 200 S. Ninth Room 102, Springfield, IL approximately one month before the sale date.

Properties not sold at the Auction are available for purchase at the minimum bid plus cost for 90 days after the auction date. Please contact the County Delinquent Tax Agent at 800-248-2850 or 618-656-5744 for information on purchasing unsold properties.

The attached is a list of items are being offerred at the sale:

To Be Released

For more information on the sale, please review the following documents:

Terms and Conditions of the Sale-Real Estate

Special Sales Notices-Real Estate

Absentee Bidding and Purchase Contract-Real Estate

Terms and Conditions of the Sale-Mobile Homes

Special Sales Notices-Mobile Homes

Absentee Bidding and Contract-Mobile Homes

For an example of the results of the sale see the following:

2014 Auction Results by Item Number

2014 Auction Results By Buyer

2014 Auction Catalog

Auction list by Street

Removed Items from the Auction

Please direct inquiries to:

Sangamon County Tax Agent
141 St. Andrews
P.O. Box 96
Edwardsville, IL 62025
(618) 656-5744 or (800) 248-2850


For more information on this and other sales please visit





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