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Treasurer - Important Mobile Home Information




Mail Payments must be postmarked no later than July 11, 2014 to avoid late penalty.  Payments in the form of check should be mailed to:

Sangamon County Treasurer’s Office

200 S. Ninth Room 102

Springfield Il 62701


In-Person Payments may be made at the Sangamon County Treasurer’s Office no later than July 11, 2014 at 5:00 pm  to avoid late penalty.  Both cash and checks are accepted as payments until November 6,2014.

Sangamon County Treasurer’s Office

Sangamon County Complex

200 S. Ninth Room 102

Springfield, Illinois

Office Hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday

(Except Holidays)

Parking is available in the parking lot on the southwest corner of Ninth and Adams Streets for a nominal fee.


Prior Year Unpaid Taxes

Payoff amounts and payment amounts for prior year’s unpaid taxes are handled by the Sangamon County Clerk’s Office.  They can be reached at (217) 753-6700.


Assessment Period

Owners of mobile homes on January 1st of each year are responsible for Mobile Home Local Services tax.  The tax is calculated by multiplying the rate (based on the age of the mobile home) times the square footage of the mobile home.


Annual  Registration

Each mobile home park owner is required to register with the County Clerk’s Office each mobile home entering such park within 5 days.  Homes not located in a park must register with the County Clerk’s Office within 30 days of placement.  Once a home is registered, a registration form is sent to the homeowner biannually in January to update exemption status and billing information.  Failure to register does not relieve tax liability.


Senior or  Disabled Citizen Exemption and Illinois Department of Aging

Senior or disabled citizens may apply and receive an exemption which reduces their mobile home tax by 20%.  Contact the County Clerk’s office for more information at 217-753-6725. Seniors and Disabled citizens may also qualify for assistance in paying taxes through the Illinois Department of Aging.  Assistance programs are subject to change;  Please contact the Illinois Department of Aging at 1-800-624-2459 for current programs.


Moving, Selling or Transferring Title of a Mobile Home

All mobile home taxes must be paid before a moving permit is issued by the County Treasurer’s office, or a certification of taxes paid is issued to the Secretary of State for transferring the title on a mobile home.  Please contact the Treasurer’s office at 217-753-6800 for more information.

Moving a Mobile Home

Prior to moving a mobile home please contact the local zoning authority to insure that the location the mobile home is being moved to is zoned for mobile homes and to determine what permits and inspections are required.  Mobile home owners moving a home into into unincorporated Sangamon County should contact the Sangamon County Building and Zoning Department at 217-535-3145 or 217-753-6760.   Mobile home owners moving a home into the City of Springfield should contact the City Zoning Office at 217-789-2171.

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