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Sangamon County Multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan




Public participation is strongly encouraged in creation of the 2014 Plan Update. Take the citizen survey now!

Plan Update
: The Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission (SSCRPC) has been awarded a Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning Grant in the amount of $46,211 from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA). This grant will be used to update a plan developed by the SSCRPC in 2008 which made participating local communities eligible for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funding through 2013. The purpose of this plan is to reduce the loss of life and property due to natural disasters by identifying mitigation measures that can be implemented prior to a disaster. Public participation is strongly encouraged.

Communities look to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their citizens.  Related to natural hazard events this has traditionally meant responding to the needs of the community after an event occurs.  Mitigation looks to reduce the need for response by permanently removing people and structures from harms way when a known area of impact can be identified (such as a floodplain) or significantly reducing the impact from a known risk (such as a tornado).  This Plan provides an assessment of the risks to Sangamon County from natural hazard events and a comprehensive range of mitigation projects to lessen the impact of these hazards on our communities.  With the availability of mitigation grant funding from the Federal Government, communities have the opportunity to implement mitigation projects that would not otherwise be financially possible.  The preparation of this plan follows the guidelines to make participating communities eligible to apply for mitigation grant funding.

The Springfield Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission worked with Sangamon County and all interested communities in the county to prepare a natural hazards mitigation plan. The following communities were invited to participate:



Sangamon County*












Leland Grove

Southern View*




Clear Lake




New Berlin*






Pleasant Plains*



  *Communities that participated are listed in bold type.



A Task Force was created, with representatives from each community’s government, as well as technical partners and other stakeholders.

The mission of the Sangamon County Multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Task Force is to reduce the impact of natural hazards on citizens, infrastructure, private property, and critical facilities through a combined effort of communities, institutions, and citizenry to develop a mitigation action plan that will be adopted and implemented by each participating community.

The Plan addresses several natural hazards: tornados, floods, winter storms, thunderstorms/lightning, earthquakes, extreme heat, dam failure, drought, and mine subsidence. For each community, the history and likelihood of future occurrence of each hazard have been examined and compared against each community’s vulnerabilities—the overall built environment and future development areas, paying particular attention to critical facilities in each community.

With input from the public, the Task Force developed goals. (Click here to view the final goals and objectives developed by the Task Force.) From these goals, specific mitigation actions were determined, each intended to make some part of the community more resilient against specific dangers. Each action in the plan is assigned to someone—an agency or organization—to carry out.

Find out more:

NOTE:  The Planning Commission was awarded a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for 75% of the cost of conducting this work.  The remaining 25% was provided by Sangamon County.

With adoption of the Sangamon County Multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan in August 2008 a Workgroup was formed to monitor and evaluate the Plan.  The Workgroup consists of all community representatives to the SCMNHMP Task Force and four technical partners who volunteered to continue involvement. 

Derrick Pehlman – Rochester, Chair
Brian Wood – Thayer, Vice-chair
David Butt – Sangamon County Office of Emergency Management, Secretary
Mike White – Auburn
Charles Thaxton – Buffalo
Jerry Olson – Cantrall
Patrick McCarthy – Chatham
Brian Markley – Curran
Jamie Sponsler/Nancy Prytherch – Dawson
John Caudle – Divernon
Josh Hilbert - Illiopolis
Greg Hashman – Jerome
Terry Nydegger – New Berlin
Cecil Mathews - Pawnee
Kevin Kesselring – Pleasant Plains
Rich Pottier – Riverton
Jay Timm – Sherman
Hilda Mangiaracina – Southern View
Al Pinter – Springfield
Paul Osman – Williamsville
Linda Fulgenzi- Sangamon County
Mike Ashenfelter – Sangamon County Department of Zoning and Building Safety
Louis Delaby – Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative
Steve Sturm – Springfield Homebuilders Association

Monitoring the Plan assures that the many parties identified for implementation of projects remain aware of their responsibilities and that community leaders will continue to integrate natural hazards mitigation into local planning mechanisms.

The Workgroup will meet at least twice a year to review the progress of communities in implementing the Plan and to prepare a progress report to be submitted to the governing bodies of all communities (click here to review the July 2010 progress report).  Every five years the Plan will be updated taking into account changing circumstances and risks.  Any non-participating community may choose to join the Plan at the time of update and will be responsible for providing all information needed to be integrated into the Plan.

Public participation remains a vital part of the planning process and will include meetings open to the public, meeting notices posted in communities, and notification to the media of all meetings, reports, and updates.

Workgroup Meetings Information:

February 18, 2009

June 30, 2009

June 22, 2010
Meeting Notice Press Release


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