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200 S. Ninth, Room 210
Springfield, IL 62701

(217) 753-6805
(217) 535-3143 (Fax)


8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST
Monday - Friday




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Property Assessment and Tax Inquiry

Our office maintains records of ownership and legal description for all the parcels of land in Sangamon County.

Deeds recorded in the Office of the Recorder are transmitted electronically to our department. The average length of time between the recording of the deed and the change of the ownership record in our office is 4 - 6 weeks. During the closing of the real estate transfer, the deed is signed by the seller authorizing the transfer of their interest in the real estate. The deed contains a section that instructs our office to whom and where to mail future tax bills. When a release of mortgage is recorded, it is the property owner's responsibility to notify our office of the new mailing address for assessment change notification and tax bill record.


Procedures for requesting a change of record, name, or mailing address for tax purposes are as follows: Requests made by telephone are not accepted. Written, faxed or in person requests are required from the property owner or their authorized agent. In the case of an authorized agent conducting business on behalf of the owner, legal written documentation such as a Power of Attorney form or will is required as evidence of authorization.

Any request for change of name must be made in writing, or in person, and accompanied by substantiating documentation such as a court order, marriage license, will and inventory, or other legal document. A request to remove a name must be accompanied by a copy of the death certificate.

To request a change of mailing address, the property owner or their authorized agent may visit our office in person, or send the request by mail, courier, or by fax.

Our office also maintains digital aerial map parcel records of the entire county. Printed or digital copies of these maps are available. Digital map page copies are saved as a .pdf image and are available by e-mail or copy to your flash drive. Orders may be made in person or by mail.

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