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Land Use

On November 14, 2000, the Sangamon County Board passed a resolution to place a six-month moratorium, beginning November 15, 2000, on new subdivision development for the purpose of studying the need for changes to the Sangamon County Subdivision Regulations. An Ad Hoc Subdivision Development Committee was appointed by County Board Chairman Andy Van Meter on December 12, 2000 to oversee this process. The matters the committee studied were as follows:

  1. Availability of water to serve new construction

  2. Availability of public sewer systems and appropriate standards for private sewage systems

  3. Adoption of a County building code

  4. The requirements for assuring orderly development with the appropriate protection of public health and safety

  5. Address the adequacy of the current zoning regulations

Many meetings and public hearings were held during the six-month moratorium. The final recommendation report from the Land Use Advisory Committee is posted below.

Final Report

Land Use Ordinance

Following the passing of a resolution by the County Board on May 8, 2001, the Land Use Ordinance was an adopted addition to the Sangamon County Code (TITLE 15, Chapter 15.05, TITLE 16, TITLE 17, TITLE 2.) The ordinance provided for the establishment of a Building Code Division within the Zoning Department and the hiring of inspectors for building, plumbing and electrical inspections. A Building Code Board of Appeals has been established and they meet monthly.

All zoning cases are now reviewed and graded using the adopted guidelines of the LESA System PDF. Recommendations are then made by the Regional Planning Department staff to determine the feasibility of every case presented to the Zoning Board of Appeals, who in turn, make their recommendations for approval or denial to the County Board.

Dividing Land and Floodplain Information

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