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7th Judicial Circuit Court

Circuit and Associate Judges


Sangamon County is within the 7th Judicial Circuit which covers six counties.  Unless otherwise provided by law, there is at least one “resident” Circuit Judge elected by and residing in each county in the circuit.  Based on population figures, Sangamon County has two resident Circuit Judges, both elected by Sangamon County residents only.  In addition, the law allows an additional number of “at-large” Circuit Judges to be elected by residents of all counties in the circuit.  The 7th Judicial Circuit has five “at-large” Circuit Judges with four seated in Sangamon County.  All Circuit Judges can hear cases from any county within their circuit.  Counties include:  Greene, Jersey, Macoupin, Morgan, Sangamon and Scott.

The Circuit Judges are elected to six-year terms of office.  The Circuit Judges within the circuit elect a Chief Judge from among their members every two years.  The Chief Judge has the general authority for all administrative matters arising in the circuit and may delegate duties as he/she deems appropriate.

The Circuit Judges in Sangamon County select, and the Chief Judge appoints, a Presiding Judge to handle administrative matters in Sangamon County.

The law also provides for the appointment in each judicial circuit of a number of Associate Judges based on population and other factors.  Associate Judges are appointed by the Circuit Judges to four-year terms.  There are currently ten Associate Judges in the 7th Judicial Circuit, eight of whom are seated in Sangamon County.

All judges’ salaries are paid by the State.  The Circuit Judges have general jurisdiction over all cases.  The Associate Judges have limited jurisdiction, except by special assignment.


Sangamon County:

Sangamon County Courthouse
200 S. 9th Street
Springfield, IL  62701


Circuit Judge: John W. Belz
Contact: Court Reporter Marybeth Evans
Circuit Judge: Peter Cavanagh
Contact: Court Reporter Andrea Pryor
Circuit Judge: Leslie J. Graves
Contact: Court Reporter Beth Samat
Circuit Judge: Patrick W. Kelley
Contact: Court Reporter Laura Berry
Circuit Judge: John Schmidt
Contact: Court Reporter Tina Riebeling
Associate Judge: Rudolph M. Braud
Contact: Gosia Wray
Associate Judge: Matthew Maurer
Contact: Gosia Wray
Associate Judge: John M. Madonia
Contact: Gosia Wray
Associate Judge: Steven H. Nardulli
Contact: Michele Haines Lee
Associate Judge: Brian T. Otwell
Contact: Sara Garcia
Associate Judge: Christopher Perrin
Contact: Gosia Wray
Associate Judge: Esteban F. Sanchez
Contact: Michele Haines Lee
Associate Judge: April G. Troemper
Contact: Gosia Wray
Court Security:  



Greene County:

Greene County Courthouse
519 N. Main Street
Carrollton, IL  62016


Circuit Judge: James W. Day  
Contact: Court Reporter Kathleen Bain



Jersey County:

Jersey County Courthouse
201 W. Pearl Street
Jerseyville, IL  62052


Circuit Judge: Eric S. Pistorius  
Contact: Court Reporter Mary Bartlett

Ext. 104

Macoupin County:

Macoupin County Courthouse
201 E. Main Street
Carlinville, IL  62626


Circuit Judge: Kenneth R. Deihl  
Contact: Court Reporter Cheri Chapman

Ext. 265

Circuit Judge: Patrick J. Londrigan  
Contact: Court Reporter Tracy Mahan 217/854-3181
Ext. 263
Associate Judge: Joshua Meyer  
Contact: Court Reporter Barb Snodgrass 217/854-3181
Ext 267



Morgan County:

Morgan County Courthouse
300 W. State Street
Jacksonville, IL  62650


Circuit Judge: Christopher Reif
Contact: Court Reporter Mary Ann Beard
Associate Judge: Jeffery Tobin
Contact: Court Reporter Amy Stidham

Scott County:

Scott County Courthouse
35 E. Market Street
Winchester, IL  62694


Circuit Judge: David Cherry
Contact: Court Reporter Michelle Lomprez







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