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Sangamon County Department of Community Resources
2833 South Grand Ave. East, Suite C100
Springfield, IL 62703

(217) 535-3120
Sharmin Doering, Executive Director

Partners in the Illinois Employment and Training Center
1300 South Ninth Street
Springfield, Illinois 62703
(217) 782-3846 Ext. 236

* Sangamon County Community Resources *
has moved
to a new location at
2833 South Grand Ave. East, Suite C100
(former Cub Foods location)
effective August 2, 2010. 

Beginning Monday, August 2, all appointments will be
held at the new location.  The phone number will remain
the same as (217) 535-3120.



2015 CSBG Scholarship Application - Adult
2015 CSBG Scholarship Application - High School Senior
Community Action Plan - 2015
SCBG Scholarship Recipients 2014
Weekly Financial Education Workshops - Required before making an emergency rental appointment
Community Action Month - 2014
Resources for Seniors
SCDCR General Resource Guide
SCDCR Local Food Pantry Guide
National Community Action Month
PNC Foundation/SCDCR 2013 Community Garden


Department Overview

Mission Statement

The Sangamon County Department of Community Resources strives to improve the quality of life of residents with low incomes in our county.  The goal for our customers is self-sufficiency and is increased by utilizing agency programs and by staff referrals to community partner organizations. 

Walk In appointments for services will not be accepted.  All appointments must be made by phone by calling 535-3120.


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Percent of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)

          The LIHEAP program is designed to assist low-income households with winter
          energy services. A one-time benefit is provided to eligible households to be used
          for energy bills. Community Resources served approximately 4,416 households in
          program year 2012 with LIHEAP, PIPP, furnace assistance and cooling assistance

Beginning each September, priority appointments for seniors and people with
disabilities are made over the phone (217-535-3120) Mondays through Friday from
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. In October, the aforementioned groups as well as
disconnected households may call for appointments. Beginning in November,
appointments for previous and all other income-eligible families may be made by
phone Mondays through Friday. Copies of gas and electric bills, disconnect notices
(if applicable), social security cards for everyone in the home, and proof of
household income from the last 30 days are required to determine eligibility.

The Percent of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) program is an alternative LIHEAP
program for households who would benefit from knowing the cost of their monthly
utility bills and be better able to avoid potential disconnection. At the time of the
intake appointment, the client is given the option of either the LIHEAP or PIPP
benefit, whichever is more beneficial to the client. The PIPP program amount will
be determined by the utility and is based on the amount of the level payment
figured by Ameren for a 12 month period and the client’s monthly income. The
PIPP client is required to pay 6% of their income amount and the agency
(Community Resources) pays the balance up to $150 each month not to exceed
$1,800 in one year. Any amount in excess of $150 per month will be the client’s
responsibility. Once certified for PIPP, if a client fails to pay the monthly charge
of 6% of income, the household is removed from the PIPP program. The
household also becomes ineligible to apply for LIHEAP for 1 year. Income
guidelines for PIPP are the same as LIHEAP or 150% of the federal poverty level.
PIPP is available between September 1st and December 31st, unless otherwise indicated.

Income Guidelines for LIHEAP and LIHEAP PIPP

2014 - 2015



30-Day Income

Annual Income


For each additional member, add $508 to 30-Day and $6,090.00 to annual amounts.

Illinois Home Weatherization Program (IHWAP)

IHWAP provides energy conservation services (such as attic and wall insulation,
storm windows, caulking, glazing, weather stripping etc.) to income eligible clients
based on income for the preceding twelve months for all members in the
household. Furnace tune-ups, retrofits and repairs are included with dollar limits
for all work done. (A computerized energy audit is done to determine what items
can be accomplished within the limit.) In 2012, we anticipate weatherizing 165
homes. Calls to be added to the Weatherization waiting list may be made at any
time until appointments are filled for the year. In that case, you will be given a
date to call to be placed on the waiting list for appointments for the next year.


Weatherization Income Guidelines (same as LIHEAP/PIPP)

2014 - 2015



30-Day Income

Annual Income


For each additional member, add $508 to 30-Day and $6,090.00 to annual amounts.

Community Resources, along with our fellow community action agencies are continuing to “Keep the Promise” of weatherizing homes, creating green jobs and helping families.

  • Dalitso Sulamoyo, President and CEO of the Illinois Assn. of Community Action Agencies
  • Larry Dawson,Deputy Director, of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Office of Energy Assistance
  • Randy Bennett, Program Director, Weatherization Program, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Office of Energy Assistance
  • Fred Bates, (home owner/recipient of services from the Weatherization Program)
  • Bill Moss, Sangamon County Board Member, District 28, Chairman of the Sangamon County Department of Community Resources
  • Sharmin Doering, Executive Director, Sangamon County Department of Community Resources
  • Dwight Lucas, Vice President of the Illinois Assn. of Community Action Agencies, Executive Director of East Central Community Action Agency

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)








CSBG is designed to provide services that assist low-income people to attain the skills, knowledge, and motivation necessary to achieve self-sufficiency.

Components of the program include:
• Rental assistance
• Emergency dental services for adults and children
• Pediatric dental anesthesia assistance
• Prescription medication - short term
• Scholarships for higher education in high-growth career areas
• Pre C.N.A/C.N.A. funded courses.
• GED Test Funding Assistance
• School Uniform Clothing
• Economic development loans to small businesses to create jobs
• Community Garden/Nutrition program in Brandon Court partnering with
  Springfield Community Federation, Springfield Urban League and genH
• Emergency summer fans

Sharmin Doering and Drewnard "D" Woods (far right) look on as Alyssa Wright (far left) speaks about how the CSBG Scholarship Program made
possible the opportunity for her to attend college.

2014 CSBG 125% Poverty Income Guidelines


Family Size

125% 3 Months Income

125% Annual

For family units with more than 8 members, add $1,268.75 for each additional
family member to arrive at yearly amounts for 125%.

For more information on CSBG, click here



Beginning June 1, 2014, income-eligible Sangamon County Residents living in the Springfield
Metro Sanitary District, may qualify for a one-time sewer rebate of $71.60 in program year 2014.
Sangamon County residents in the Springfield Metro Sanitary district may call 535-3120 for an
application any day during business hours until funds are depleted.

Beginning on September 1, families with LIHEAP appointments are also offered the sewer rebate if
customers of the SMSD.

Who is eligible?
You are eligible if you can answer yes to all of the following questions:
        • You live within the limits of the Springfield Metro Sanitary District in 2012-13 and have
           a current SMSD sewer bill to submit.
        • The 30-day gross income of your household, previous to the appointment, did not exceed
           the following:

Income Guidelines for Sewer Rebate - (Guidelines same as LIHEAP/PIPP)
Income Guidelines for LIHEAP and LIHEAP PIPP





30-Day Income

Annual Income









For each additional member, add $508 to 30-Day and $6,090.00 to annual amounts.

What is “Gross Income of Household”?
This is the income received by EVERY member of your household (related or not) in the previous
30 days before your appointment who was at least 18 years old. This includes but is not limited to
wages, salaries, gross amounts of pensions and annuities, retirement benefits, Social Security
benefits, unemployment, TANF, disability, child support, general assistance and any other form of

What Documents are Required to Prove Income?
For all members of your household we require:
1. Photo I.D. for Head of Household.
2. Most recent utility bills reflecting sewer charges.
3. Social Security cards for all members of the household.
4. Any medical cards.
5. Documentation for all sources of income for all household members over 18 years old.
6. If no income, please choose a denial letter from any of the following:
                Copies of pay stubs or proof of income for the past 30 days for anyone in
                   the household that is over 18 years of age. If no income has been
                   received applicant must provide one of the following documents:
                      a. Denial letter for social security benefits.
                      b. Denial letter for unemployment benefits.
                      c. Denial letter for workman’s compensation.
                      d. Medical card (copy of front and back) with clients name on it.
                      e. Proof of application for food stamps, cash/medical.

Sewer Assistance Meeting Notice

Sangamon County Website Listing

Sangamon County Community Resources Department Overview

Illinois WorkNet website

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)








WIA provides guidance services for all individuals to enable them to become and remain successful members of the workforce. The WIA staff is ready to assist all clients (no eligibility requirements) with job search through resume and cover letter assistance, help signing onto the Skills Match Program, free job readiness workshops, labor market information, access to printers, Internet, copiers, phones and fax machines and information on other services provided by the community.

If a client is unable to find suitable work through these services and the client is determined eligible for the WIA Program, the client will be assigned a case manager. The case manager will work with the client in developing a career plan which may or may not include additional training.

Weekly orientation is on Monday from 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. and Training Orientation on Wednesdays from
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Youth Employment and Training Program

Sangamon County offers many assistance programs for eligible youth ages 14-21. These programs help our youth achieve success through obtaining a high school diploma or through job readiness training for entrance into the workforce. Please contact the Youth WIA Coordinator at 217-558-4278 for information.

Land of Lincoln Consortium website



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